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Police Concerns About Prisoner Transport

  Police departments in Northumberland County are worried about what's going to happen on April first.

  Mount Carmel Township's police department is like most in our area, dealing with tight budgets, one calamity away from collapse.  So, imagine their frustration when they found out their department, like others across Northumberland County is going to have to resume transporting people they've arrested back and forth between prisons and hearings.  This became a big deal in the wake of the Northumberland County Prison fire because now they're not going to just be traveling to Sunbury, but to Coal Township, Selinsgrove, Bloomsburg, Muncy or even as far away as Lock Haven.  It was in the wake of the fire that the Northumberland County Commissioners made an informal decision to use corrections officers to transport the prisoners, and just as informally, they decided recently that they couldn't afford to do it any longer, so the responsibility will be back in the hands of municipal police departments on Wednesday.  Police chiefs say it could have tremendous ramifications for more than their budgets.  We sat down with the four officers from the eastern part of the county yesterday and while they are close to one of the prisons where they'll transport inmates, it's a state prison, and the process of getting the prisoner in can sometimes add hours to the job.  These officers will be at a meeting of the county police chiefs on Monday and they'll then meet with county officials on April 6th to come up with a plan.  If they can't reach an agreement, they could be looking at a scenario where they have to let an officer go, and the extra work couldn't come at a worse time.  Northumberland Co. Commissioner Rick Shoch says two years ago a decision was made to stop using constables for prisoner transport as a cost savings measure.  He says it only makes sense to bring them back, mainly because the county can be reimbursed over time through payments from the inmates who are transported, saving taxpayers money on both a local and county level, and it's something that could resume fairly quickly.  Shoch says the idea is to find the cheapest solution to do this and he think it's with constables.  He says that while it's technical the municipalities responsibility to transport prisoners, the county should work together with them to reduce costs.

Impulse Accident Victim at Home

  Knoebels Amusement Resort expected to begin testing on its new Rollercoaster Impulse late today.


Southern Averts Strike

  Southern Columbia nearly went down to the wire before averting a teacher's strike.


Ghost Program Taping in Danville

  The production company for one of the ghost programs on television will be in our area next week.


Chestnut Street No Parking

  The no parking signs will be enforced on Chestnut Street between South Front Street and South Second Street in Sunbury starting at seven o'clock Monday morning.


Route 642 Paving

  We have a traffic alert for a road project in Montour County.


Man Hurt by Impulse Car

  There has been an accident at Knoebels newest ride.


Drought Watch for the Valley

  It may seem hard to believe after all the snow we got and the recent rains, but the Department of Environmental Protection has issued a drought watch for 27 counties across Pennsylvania due to lack of groundwater recharge.


Reed Meets with Rescuers

  A local assistant fire chief who was critically injured in a fire last week met last night with the men who saved his life.


Students Compete in K'Nex Challenge

 Teams of students from fourth and fifth grade participated today in the 20-15 K'Nex STEM Design Challenge.


USTA Rate Increase

  You're going to pay more for a ride with the Union/Snyder Transportation Alliance.


Susquehanna Hands out Research Grants

  Susquehanna University has awarded $70,000 in grants to five different organizations to support collaborative freshwater research.


Doc Not Guilty for River Walk with Sons

  A district judge has thrown out the charge against a Geisinger doctor who took his sons for a walk across the ice-covered Susquehanna River last month.


Common Speaks at Bucknell

    It was anything but a common message from Bucknell University last night.


United Way Awards

  The Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way held its Annual Meeting and Awards Celebration today.


Pep Talk for Community Arts Center

  A community Arts Center is a project that's past due, and would do nothing but help the community.


Weight Restriction on Snyder Bridge

  PennDOT has placed a weight restriction on a bridge in Snyder County.


Car for Impulse Makes Run

  We have been giving you a steady dose of news on Knoebels new ride Impulse.  We showed you the first test car run on Monday.


Racist Letter to State Police Nominee

  Authorities are investigating a racist letter that was sent to Governor Tom Wolf's embattled choice to lead the state police.


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Should Bloom U follow Mo'ne Davis' suggestion and reinstate the baseball player who wrote the tweet against her?

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